We deeply desire, and motivate all women to believe in themself, love themself, have high self-esteem, hold true to their strength, be kind, know their value, live freely, always keep growing and learning, accept themself and their bodies, have worldly perspective and strive to be a better person every day. 


We understand how hard it is to meet all the expectations of a woman's body and the pressure from society and ourselves. As women, we always want to look better, even if we look perfect. We strive to help women feel and look good in their bodies by inventing particular designs to help enhance shapes giving us more confidence and security. The functional purpose of our patterns and colors is to shape a woman’s body through optical illusion, unique cuts, and colors to embellish the female structure. The Naomi Besson brand styles the feminine waistline to look optically slimmer, enhance the chest, and define the bum. Our one-piece design aims to embrace a woman’s hourglass curves, make women feel confident and sexy, and embrace their beauty. 
We are here to remind you that every woman and their needs count. Our vision is the evolution of a women's society around the globe where they are motivated, successful, independent, secure, safe, and happy. We envision growing and motivating together, supporting each other, and positively impacting women's future. We are building a community of women with high values and taste in fashion that reflects their beliefs in their high worth.  
At our company, we strongly believe in ethical manufacturing that prioritizes the well-being of our workers and the environment. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan, which means we are committed to reducing harm and promoting positive change in the world. We take pride in offering products that align with our values and encourage others to join us in creating a more sustainable and compassionate future.
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Our logo, featuring the infinity symbol, embodies the concept of rebirth in all forms, continuous personal growth, and the abundance of new opportunities. The snakes within the ouroboros shape represent the externalization of your potential for transformation, growth, and healing. It serves as a reminder of your inner power and strength. Let us inspire you to shed your old skin and reveal the best version of yourself.



Naomi is a young Polish lady with a Latin heart. She was born in a small city called Rzeszow in Poland. Since she was a small girl, she has loved designing and creating clothing. She used to spend all her free time with her grandmother playing with fabrics and sewing machines. They will go to second-hand stores, buy old clothing, cut it into totally new pieces, constantly invent new designs, and would be the only ones with this “only one piece”. Her love for fashion, modeling, and entrepreneurship was quickly developing. Growing up, she finished University, traveled the world, and emigrated to Spain, Mallorca, where she got inspired to become a fashion designer. She became a well-known and respected designer in the USA through her path.


Naomi was captivated by the incomparable style of Coco Chanel and the outspoken freedom of Bob Marley. She was determined to express her own creativity through her creations, but something was missing. As she embraced her sexuality, she discovered the timeless elegance of the female body celebrated in Playboy and realized this was the missing link she needed to make her dream of introducing her own beachwear line to the world a reality. Her journey of self-discovery was like an infinity sign, with the cycles of her life constantly transforming and growing. With newfound inspiration, she was ready to take the world by storm.


Designed to last, Exceptional quality.

Naomi Besson is shipping high-quality beachwear worldwide, produced by the best manufacturer in Los Angeles that was founded in April 2017, and in 2019 the company sold over 500 pieces. In 2020 started taking over Florida's market, delivering to the most luxurious boutiques in Miami. Besson performed in 2020 and 2021 in two editions of the world's biggest swimwear show: "Miami Swim Week," leaving a remarkable impression. Naomi Besson was published in numerous luxurious magazines, and celebrities wore their pieces. We are currently expanding Naomi Besson brand with a jewelry line to complement femininity. Our mission for the line is to have extraordinary pieces for any multipurpose occasion. 
At Naomi Besson, we believe that luxury should be accessible to everyone. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional customer service.