Hey ladies, let’s get real for a sec. We all have those days where we’re our own worst critics, right? Critiquing every curve, every line – it's like, can I live? Here at Naomi Besson, we’re all about chucking those impossible standards out the window. We want you to wake up, look in the mirror, and say, 'Damn, I’m awesome' – and believe it. It’s not just about loving yourself on the good hair days, but all days. Embracing that inner strength, kindness, and that badass value you bring to the table – because, honey, it's a lot.


Sick of the pressure to look perfect? Same. That’s why Naomi Besson swimwear is your new best friend. Our designs aren’t just swimsuits; they’re confidence in fabric form, tailored to make you feel like the queen you are. We're talking optical illusions that flatter every curve, making you feel powerful, sexy, and downright invincible. Remember, you’re not just another face in the crowd. You're a masterpiece. And with Naomi Besson, we're building a world where every woman shines, feeling secure, independent, and fabulous. This isn’t just swimwear; it’s a revolution. Welcome to the squad, where we celebrate you daily.


Alright, let’s keep it real – Naomi Besson Swimwear is all about that good vibe manufacturing. We’re talking ethical, eco-friendly, and vegan because, honestly, harming the planet is so not our style. We're here to make a difference, one cruelty-free bikini at a time. Join us in this cool journey towards a kinder, greener future.

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Our logo? Oh, it’s way more than just eye candy. Picture the infinity symbol – yep, that’s our badge of honor. It’s all about limitless self-evolution, grabbing life’s endless possibilities, and the kickass journey of becoming the best version of you. And those snakes wrapped in a circle? They're your squad, cheering you on to ditch yesterday's news and step into today's headline: a brand new, glowing you. Consider it your personal invitation to the glow-up gala.



Time to shine the spotlight on Naomi. Picture this: a girl from Rzeszow, Poland, with dreams bigger than her wardrobe, infusing every stitch with a bit of Latin fire. Naomi’s been flipping the script on fashion norms since her playground days. With her grandma as her co-conspirator, she transformed thrift-store treasures into runway-ready looks long before it was cool.

Her journey? It’s like a page out of a globetrotter’s diary. From the cobblestones of Poland to the sun-kissed shores of Spain, Naomi soaked in every bit of inspiration, fueling her passion for design and innovation. And then, with a heart full of dreams and a suitcase full of designs, she landed in the U.S. – ready to make waves.

But here’s the thing: Naomi’s not just in the business of making clothes. Nope, she’s in the magic-making business, turning fabric into fantasies and wearables into wonders. Her creations aren’t just garments; they’re invitations to step into a world where style meets substance, and fashion is the language of dreams.

So, what’s the party like? Imagine stepping into a space where every piece tells a story, every design is a love letter to creativity, and you’re the guest of honor. Naomi Besson isn’t just a label; it’s a launchpad for the extraordinary, with Naomi herself as the captain steering us toward a universe brimming with beauty and innovation. Buckle up, because with Naomi at the helm, it’s going to be an unforgettable ride.


Naomi’s muses? Think the effortless chic of Coco Chanel blended with Bob Marley's fearless vibe. Yet, in weaving her own narrative into the fabric of her designs, Naomi sought a deeper connection. It was in embracing her sensuality and the celebrated femininity within the pages of Playboy that she found her true north. This revelation wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about freedom, identity, and the power of the feminine form. Thus began her mission to launch a beachwear line that wasn't just clothing, but a celebration of women, echoing the infinite cycles of growth and self-discovery in her life.


Strap in, 'cause Naomi Besson is rewriting swimwear rules. Since '17, we've turned heads from LA to Miami, shipping style worldwide. 2020? We owned Florida. Fast forward: 2021 and 2022, we're the buzz at Miami Swim Week, and by 2023, our limited edition is a hit. 2024's secret? It's big. Naomi Besson isn't just a brand; it's a revolution. Stay tuned, babes.


Naomi Besson in the glossies and on celebs? Yes, we're your glam fix.

Big thanks 🙋‍♀️ for embracing our luxury. Shine on. Xoxo.